Sep. 9th, 2009


Sep. 9th, 2009 12:13 pm
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Back from Dragon*con. I'm glad I did it, not sure I'd do it again. It's a LOT of stress for a con that's so big you can not possibly do everything, or even much of it.

I did wear Freya to a gathering, so there should be photos of the new mask floating around the internets. I'll start looking later. Feet are still healing from all that walking, and well...the Freya feet are the most uncomfortable shoes EVER. I also wore Caprice, but not a single person recognized it. Or at least, if they did no one commented. :(

Lots of interesting panels, the hall costuming was incredible, I didn't even go to the masquerades (multiple!) A quick bingo list of costumes I saw. Spaceman Spiff (with tiger), various Justice League members, LOTS of steampunk, pirates, a REALLY GOOD Big Daddy from Bioshock, an entire Inuyasha cast, various from Bleach, Link and Zelda, various from World of Warcraft, TWO Ward Zabac, a Kefka, the typical FF7 cast, an actually really good Siax, so very much corsetry, and Jesus.

There was also a REALLY TASTY Indian food restaurant that if not for the commute would go again.

Let's see...swag. I picked up: a plush spider puppet with not enough eyes, a rock'n bustle coat, two prints, a d20 bag, some star trek tos pins, a very pretty necklace, a MC Esher dayplanner (thank you, ot_atma!), and a The 9 art book (free!).


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