Feb. 4th, 2010

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Holidays have come and went, I've got a new craft/art/costuming space set up, and am going to be starting a new water color soon as a gift for mi padre. Asmaria (THANK YOU!!! Let me know when you want to pattern yours..) was a tremendous help in patterning the armor for the costume I want to make (but haven't started on yet.)

However, I really haven't started on anything creative so far this year. Most of this is because January has sucked BALLS. Between the continued construction on the road I live on causing me to have to walk a block from where I can park to my front door (in the dark, muddy street), no less than three deaths of friends/loved ones/relatives, and some very annoying health issues...I haven't got the energy, but less the creative energy to start or work on any of the projects I want to work on. Which I will now list, in no particular order.

- Edith doll
- Shanoa costume
- watercolor for my dad
- comic re-draft and begin laying out the first chapter
- bake something, likely cookies

On the other hand, thanks in large part to my funeral trip, I have finished books and played video games. Um...yay? (I feel so unaccomplished!) Also in no particular order:

- finished Memory Trace and Hotel Dusk room 215
- finished Stardust (Neil Gaiman), Howl's Moving Castle (Diana Wayne Jones), and Neverending Story (Ende)
- am most of the way through my first reading of Making Comics (Mccloud)

Now I'm off to do dishes and perhaps go twosies on a Wii Fit with one of my roomies. Laters~!


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