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Since the HELL that was February, March has which I mean no one I know personally has died. Money is tight (that's true for everyone, I know, but..) and work sucks more than previously.

Also, my parents' dog Daisy recently lost the use of her rear legs. We're not exactly sure what happened, if it's a result of her hip displacia, or if she hurt herself while we were at my uncle's funeral, or what. She's got some limited use of one of them, but except for about 3 steps a day, she doesn't. Instead, she drags herself everywhere she goes. She still seems alert and her same "I want to be a part of everything" self,'s heartbreaking to watch. Also, she has been dragging the wrong side of her feet, so they're torn up something awful. My mom has just ordered a doggie wheelchair, and they've been trying various purchased dog shoes. Unfortunately, they're universally made of waterproof material that does not breathe, complicating her foot sores. So I spent last weekend hand sewing doggie boots.

Also, I've gotten SOME work done on my Shanoa cosutme... I've started on the armor (sorry, no pictures) and have been making decent headway on the prop I'm planning. Shanoa has a small list of summons/familiars she can use, and one of them is a 4 legged skull spider. Naturally, I'm making a paper mache puppet of the skull spider. XD

The face part of the skull I made in a similar way to my last Freya mask...I'm using a stiffer paste this time, and this will be covered by newspaper and paperclay later, but..

It attaches to a chopped up sphere made over a balloon, and the legs (made of wire and newspaper) attach to a base made from hanging file folder, steel wire, hotglue, and floral wire.

Expect more progress posts later.

Date: 2010-03-19 12:26 pm (UTC)
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Awww doggy boots! Those are cute. ^_^


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