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...or at least a light fixture. >.>; The heavy glass cover to the fixture in the kitchen randomly...VERY randomly...fell just now. And shattered into roughly a gabazillion very sharp pieces. Fortunately, we had JUST stepped out of the kitchen and into the library, so were shielded by bookcases. would appear that the threaded rod that holds the cover of the fixture, was not attached very well to the ceiling. Considering that I believe all the current fixtures were installed by the previous owners, with the exception of the one I've installed myself, I am now worried about HOW they were installed. Damn. Have now taken down the glass covers on the big ones, all but one were missing very important nuts to keep things together. :(

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So today my dentist suggested I get one of these: a toothbrush that costs $144.22...on SALE. Normal price is more like $170.

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...Sesame Street isn't appropriate for children, whut.

ARGKSDHOGSBLG~! *headdesks*
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In the course of moving, an entire block of cheese got left out for a day. So it's all room temperature and crumbly...good, sharp cheese, too. And you know that I hate to waste food.

So...30 minutes after finding cheese, we've got noodles with homemade cheese sauce. A bit more cheese, less flour, and some pepper and garlic powder next time, but this was a fun quick way to not waste food.

In other news, still not dead! :)


Sep. 27th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Much belated, but...I've been stressed, and busy, and well...

Anyway, while I didn't wear it except for the costume contest, you can see Freya at the 5:40 mark or so. n__n

Tea <3

Mar. 6th, 2008 01:16 pm
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Just tossing a couple neat links up for the tea drinkers on my FL. n_n - pretty white tea that blooms as it steeps - loose leaf tea, including a BUNCH of herbal stuff
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Theme: CLOG #3
Media: ink on paper, shaded and cleaned up in PS LE
Notes: So I found a better way to do speech bubbles while doing this. a) make the general shape of the talky balloon using the circle and polygon select tools. b) under edit, fill white c) under edit, stroke 3 pixels. Next experiment will be with whether the stroke function inside, outside and centered on my selection makes a difference. Whee...

Um. The challenge was to comic blog something that happened in the last 3 weeks. My life is boring, so this is the best I could come up with other than talking about work, or drawing. SO. I'm happier with this panel-less comic format, but my style is still all over the place with this, and barber-lady appears to be missing a finger. Oops. Hands aren't my strong point.

panel 1: At work. Not nearly hectic or cluttered enough. But you get the idea.

panel 2: deer in the headlights, much? Yes, the tiny little oriental lady that cut my hair really was that short. ...and had awesome jade bracelets. <3

panel 3: FEAR the polka-dots of DOOM. Actually probably best panel...but the hands took a lot of post production editing since I drew them backwards the 1st time. >.>;

panel 4: Yes, I do look like that...I'm like a really really tall gnome. Shhh...

*waves to [ profile] tingirl welcome to art...thing.

ALSO. I notice you haven't commented on my last post, [ profile] timrehix. *pouts*

** edit **
Next weeks challenge....draw a non-original character other than one you designed from a written description. This can be from a book, someone else's description, or whatever, but you can not draw someone else's design of the character. For example, you can draw Bilbo from The Hobbit, but he can't look like the Bilbo from the animated movie, and he has to match the description from the book. You could also draw someone's DnD character, or whatever, but for example I can not draw Edith since I designed her.
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Theme: Game #2
Media: 1st link is ballpoint on lined paper (very) cleaned up in PS LE. 2nd and 3rd links are ink on paper, also cleaned up in PS LE
Notes:So I can't write dialogue. And both characters are off model. But I did two versions of it trying to get it right and I'm done. Oh well. I still find it somewhat amusing. The card player is Luna the divinator, and the odd looking floating head is Van Owen. Both DnD characters. Um...I like how the chibi in the comic turned out, and I suppose Luna's face in the 2nd panel. I need to get some decent fonts if I'm ever actually gonna do the comic thing. As for the 2nd try, the 1st panel turned out pretty well, I hate the 2nd panel. Not a lot else turned out decently. And I'm late, again. *sigh*

Pictures behind a cut because there's more than one of them."


Try #2, panel 1!

Try #2, panel 2!
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So I've been working on various projects lately. More of a to-do list than anything.

- Art challenge - must get started asap!!
- Fabric shopping
.blue cavat (freya)
.Sora no kiseki - if this is happening, I need to get started soon n_n;;
- make claws (freya)
- finish foot covers (freya)
- start spear (freya)
- put books away
- eat
- play video games

Am I going to Ikkicon? If so, I'll need to put in for time off soon. Also need to decide if I'm gonna pre-reg, not a lot of point this close to the deadline, tho. It's in Austin, so there are people I'd like to see while I'm there, too. Must confirm dates, since they may be on the other side of the country that weekend. [ profile] asmaria, any word on room at Ikkicon?
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Hope I don't offend too many people with this (okay, maybe a few, but you know I still love ya!) but this is the best time of year, I think, for this particular rant since it's far enough away from anyone's actual bday that I'm not targeting them, and it's juuussst begining the hallowgivingsmas season. Namely, my take on gift giving.

Now don't get me wrong. I like getting stuff as much as the next person. But I hate, HATEhateHATEhateHATEhateHATEhateHATE xmas, or whatever you call the generic winter holy day that has introduced the following disease into our culture. Namely, that you are OBLIGATED to get stuff (aka spend money) at a certain time, and give it to someone (aka people I see once a year at this time and neither know nor care about) in celebration of...what? In celebration of capitalism, as far as I can tell. Birthdays earn my ire for similar reasons (Probably because I've had a few too many xmas+bday gifts over the years.)

Now, having offended you, let me explain WHY. To me, what a gift SHOULD be, is that you saw something that you knew I would like...that I had to have. And then, because you care about me, decided to acquire it to share it with me. Gift giving SHOULD be an expression of affection. For NO OTHER REASON is it acceptable to throw un-needed material goods at someone.

...and why should you only do this at one time a year? (or two if you're fortunate enough to NOT have a December birthday) I feel that this is inherently wrong. I'll get you something (small usually, I'm poor) if I feel like it. Whenever. If it's a book, or candy, or a drawing, or whatever...I'll give it to you when I get it. Because there's no point in waiting to spread joy. To wait until an "event" cheapens the act.

Now again, for those of you how have given me gifts over the years let me add that I love you all and like getting stuff from you. Especially when you randomly give me a pumpkin before thanksgiving. That's great and I love it. general...if you wouldn't be getting me something if it WASN'T *insert event here* then I don't want it. Whatever it is. That's all.


Aug. 10th, 2007 01:40 pm
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Been busy doing cosplay stuff, reading lots of books, trying to keep up with life.

Dropping a note to mention it looks like they're re-releasing the Slayers TV series:

...and that the latests novels are still up for pre-order for early next year:
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Sometimes things happen, and I think about how lucky I really am. I mean...true, I've been sick lately (dear lungs, plz work kthxbai!) but I do have so much to be thankful for. I folks are in reasonably good health, I have a good relationship with them...heck, we're going to a concert together later today. And I'm steadily employed, my friends are all great people (I luff you!) I don't have any major long term illnesses, and none of my life choices have attacted hate crimes.

Yesterday, a coworker was telling about a call he'd taken earlier that really got me thinking. A vandalism claim. Someone..or someones, I suspect..had broken every window in her car, left footprint all over the hood, and keyed the work "fags" on her car. But that's not the really sad part. It has nothing to do with where I work, but at the same time that this had happened, she and her family were gone for two days (someone I assume is her partner and two children from a previous marriage) this same someone broke into her house. And took everything. I'm not talking just furniture and electronics. I mean EVERYTHING. They took her food. They took the toilet paper. They took her childrens toys. They took a custom ac vent grate. The ONLY thing that wasn't taken was a fan on the ceiling. Ten days later, there's not even a police report yet, she could only call to report it to her auto insurnce now...because she's just been able to get a phone. I don't know this woman's name, I don't know where she lives more than that it's between Longview and Tyler. BFE of BFE, really...but I was born in Longview. There's still a lot of racial problems and segregation in that part of Texas.

The concert I'm going to later today is the True Colors tour, which was organized in support of equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. True, I'd be going anyway since I'm a fan of Cyndi Lauper, but..the area where that happend is just a few hours drive from here. I wish there was something I could do to help. So...I guess this is where I ask..if you believe in such keep her and her family...and all in her your hearts and your thoughts. Because no one deserves to be persecuted for who they love.
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Mi Madre and I have been clearing our backroom, to switch it from storage area to computer/sewing/cosplay area. ..not an easy task. I've got two wounds on my left hand already from this. @.@ Much thanks to ozzynelson for assisting. It's not really done yet, but I've got a clear area and desk set up, just need to organzie, and set up the sewing machine. n_n

I took the time off to go see Spiderman 3. Too bad about it, could have been better than it was, and I'm a bit surprised how much a two-bit villain like Sandman stole the show from Greengoblin, not to mention Venom. No spoilers here, but I don't think I'll be seeing this one at imax after all. Tis a pity. Oh, and I found a really good indian food place near my house yesterday. Mark my words, I am so dragging people have been warned. >D

In other geek related news, I recently went back and re-beat FF7. I still can't comprehend how enough fans sorted through this really REALLY poorly done game to find the interesting story and characters that are ~SO~ popular. I mean...any game where both the main character and the villians' backstories are both optional and hidden has some serious scripting problems. And don't get me started on the materia system. Tis mysterious.

With Akon rapidly approaching, I'll be spending a lot of time trying to get my various cosplay projects finished up. Oddly, this is the first akon I remember where I'm actually interested in meeting any of the guests..Peter S. Beagle and Howard Taylor, respectively. And of course there are non-guests I want to see, if only to buy stuff from them in the artists alley. XD Unfortunately, it due to a conflict of scheduling, this does mean I'll miss therabitt's graduation. T_T Oh well.

Um...let's see. Work has been stressful like you wouldn't believe, between the hellish weather and that I keep being pulled off my job to cover other people. I'm used to being always just barely behind, but this is getting ridiculous. Oh, and I finally made it Scarborough Fair a couple of weeks ago thanks to an invite from a co-worker and timrehix letting me drag him along. n_n Yay.

So...nothing really earth-shatteringly interesting to report, but I guess I should check in every once in a while. Much <3 to you all...I'm off to see if I can get more backroom organizing done.

Oh, and mi madre and I made chocolate raspberry pancakes.
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Recent Past:
Have been working on cosplay alot recently...I made the Caprice dress all by my lonesome (with Asmaria's instructions). Yay me. n_n

Profit sharing season this year was nice, so I have some nice spending monies as well as a decent contribution towards my saving to move out in a couple of years. Yay not being broke.

Also have been playing Drakengard 2 all but the last sword, and to the anti-bonecasket fight (yay). On the other hand, I needed Togabitoion's help getting past that fight on the 2nd playthrough, and I think I'll need it on the 3rd playthough too. T_T I know how to do it, I just can't.

At work: The servers went down Friday...not just for my building for a little bit either. Company-wide, for like...8 hours. This means we were still on the phone, telling people to call back. Or taking manual loss reports if it was the first time calling in. This also means that we have been swamped more than usual to make up for all the poeple who called back later. o.o;;; On the other hand, I got taken off the phone to draw, something that doesn't happen nearly often enough, imo. =^D Of course, it's on a whiteboard, so it won't last but still fun.

I have been reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft's stories. Which I've decided aren't really scary. Odd, certainly. And with a LOT of vocabulary words (I swear every story has at least one word I've had to look up. Reading level grinding?) But not really scary. Does it reflect badly on me that I don't find giant, inhuman creatures who are sleeping throughout time creepy? Or flies that eat mens' souls? The evil color story was kinda neat, tho. n_n

Recently aquired:
Cosplay Stuffs
Pins! (young designs for Sora, Riku and Kairi, as well as KH2 design of Vivi)
A broken KH keyblade keychain. Boo. :( On the other hand, the ebay store is sending me a non-broken one. *crosses fingers*
Drawing stuffs (I just need to find non-photo blue mechanical pencil lead. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Michaels and OfficeMax both didn't have it.)

Cosplay stuff:
Cut for the disinterested. )

Will be gone to Houston, leaving Wed straight from work, arriving home Sat afternoon/evening. Depending on when I get in will decide if I can make Togabitoion's party. While gone will go on NASA tour and see Impressionist paintings at Museum of Modern Art. ( ) Much fun.
rubyredrose: (Default) - I've done the vegetarian thing. I've done the forgetting to eat thing and then realized I wasn't hungry but should be. This made me thoughtful on many levels. - Ozzynelson, I thought you'd like this. n_n - fellow Terry Pratchett readers, I know you're out there. - Tales of Symphonia reference pictures for...well, just about everything. Not as thought provoking a link as it could be, but hey, forgive the fangirl? >.>; - A Miracle of Science. Webcomic worth reading. Complete. - Mixed Myth. Webcomic worth reading. An intersting insight into storytelling if you read from a certain angle. Also complete.

- - -

I was thinking about shared experiences. Certain things (books, games, music, movies) are more than just 'I know what you're talking about', but instead fall into the catigory of basic paradigm, or a common venacular. This is kind of like religion, but it's more basic than that. It's not like how some comics (i.e. Batman) are a shared mythos that everyone knows. It's like how 'A Stranger in a Strange Land' effectively communicates the concept of 'grok' in a way that a dictionary definition of it wouldn't. It's why I want to play all the final fantasy games at some point...not because of potential spoilers (if I never had planned to play something you can't spoil the ending)...but because it allows me to better understand the world view of some of (I lie, most of) my friends.

In that same idea, I thought I'd throw out some things that I felt were worth sharing. Not because they were enjoyable (tho honestly much of it is) but because they give insight.
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Cut for spoilerness and for those that won't care. But I know there's at least one person on my FL that wanted this, and who knows, perhaps somone else might too.

Drakengard 2 script for the Ancient tomb mission. )


Jan. 9th, 2007 12:17 am
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hey, Togabitioion~!

...regarding the Luke long haired wig thing...what about this? XD; A little styling, some blonde wefts, and a bit of trimming in the could work, right?

Or how 'bout this one?

...actually, the lillac version of the rocker wig might make a good Zelgadis wig with the right styling and trim. >.> hmm...

oh, and also this has the right kind of fade, if it were style-able. Ands faded into blonde instead of white. >.>;
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Why is it despite evidence in my life time like this, that global warming is a myth? o.o

Remind me again why I get out of bed in the morning?
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As some may know, I read fanfiction to amuse myself. Sometimes for the absolutely abyssmal ones, sometimes for the oh-so-rare gem of a decent IC fic. Today, however, my mind is broken. has lots of stories, poems and the like on it, for so many different fandoms I don't care to think of. But this takes the cake. Thirteen submisions under Solitaire?!?! And if that weren't bad enough, there are SEVENTY-FIVE entries under Pong.

That's not a lot, in the scheme of things. But I am unbearibly saddened that there are more fan efforts for PONG than there are for Quest for Glory on that site. Sure, most of the stuff posted there is trash, but it's a presence! It lets you know that there is a fanbase out there. There is something horribly wrong in this world.
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