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Theme: CLOG #3
Media: ink on paper, shaded and cleaned up in PS LE
Notes: So I found a better way to do speech bubbles while doing this. a) make the general shape of the talky balloon using the circle and polygon select tools. b) under edit, fill white c) under edit, stroke 3 pixels. Next experiment will be with whether the stroke function inside, outside and centered on my selection makes a difference. Whee...

Um. The challenge was to comic blog something that happened in the last 3 weeks. My life is boring, so this is the best I could come up with other than talking about work, or drawing. SO. I'm happier with this panel-less comic format, but my style is still all over the place with this, and barber-lady appears to be missing a finger. Oops. Hands aren't my strong point.

panel 1: At work. Not nearly hectic or cluttered enough. But you get the idea.

panel 2: deer in the headlights, much? Yes, the tiny little oriental lady that cut my hair really was that short. ...and had awesome jade bracelets. <3

panel 3: FEAR the polka-dots of DOOM. Actually probably best panel...but the hands took a lot of post production editing since I drew them backwards the 1st time. >.>;

panel 4: Yes, I do look like that...I'm like a really really tall gnome. Shhh...

*waves to [ profile] tingirl welcome to art...thing.

ALSO. I notice you haven't commented on my last post, [ profile] timrehix. *pouts*

** edit **
Next weeks challenge....draw a non-original character other than one you designed from a written description. This can be from a book, someone else's description, or whatever, but you can not draw someone else's design of the character. For example, you can draw Bilbo from The Hobbit, but he can't look like the Bilbo from the animated movie, and he has to match the description from the book. You could also draw someone's DnD character, or whatever, but for example I can not draw Edith since I designed her.
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Theme: Game #2
Media: 1st link is ballpoint on lined paper (very) cleaned up in PS LE. 2nd and 3rd links are ink on paper, also cleaned up in PS LE
Notes:So I can't write dialogue. And both characters are off model. But I did two versions of it trying to get it right and I'm done. Oh well. I still find it somewhat amusing. The card player is Luna the divinator, and the odd looking floating head is Van Owen. Both DnD characters. Um...I like how the chibi in the comic turned out, and I suppose Luna's face in the 2nd panel. I need to get some decent fonts if I'm ever actually gonna do the comic thing. As for the 2nd try, the 1st panel turned out pretty well, I hate the 2nd panel. Not a lot else turned out decently. And I'm late, again. *sigh*

Pictures behind a cut because there's more than one of them."


Try #2, panel 1!

Try #2, panel 2!


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